World Labyrinth Day

World Labyrinth Day is on the first Saturday in May and is described as a ‘rolling wave of peaceful energy across the globe’ in its celebration. Labyrinths are a meditative tool that allow for inner exploration and reflection. This gathering will introduce you to the labyrinth. You will be guided through a meditation using a handheld labyrinth supplied, with options to explore different labyrinth designs and textures. Using a labyrinth in meditation is an embodied practice that allows for a slowing down, relaxation and gentle self-reflection.

There is the opportunity to learn how to draw your own classical labyrinth using pencil and paper. There then will be time to follow your own impulse for art making, whether it be continuing your own labyrinth image, or any other art making. 

All art materials are provided, and no prior art experience is required.

World Labyrinth Day: mediation, art and community
Date: Saturday 4 May 
Time: 9.30am – 12.30pm
Investment: $40.00