Nature Mandalas

In the workshop you will have opportunity to create individual and a group mandala. Explore what a mandala is, and create some using materials found in nature. Discussions will include impermanence in art and the ecological impact of land art. All materials provided and no prior art experience required.

Touch Drawing

Touch drawing is an art process developed by Deborah Koff-Chapin in which the hands move with their own impulse with the focus being on the process not the finished product. It can help you become more fully aware of your body, be releasing, mediative… All materials provided and no prior art experience required.


In this workshop discover the joy of traditional storytelling. You will be introduced to the benefits of storytelling with demonstrations of various ways to tell a story: with voice, the use of gestures and props. With fun and interactive games you will finish the workshop as a confident storyteller.

Cuddle Events

Events and workshops to give and receive platonic touch in a safe holding space. Explore touch, intimacy, affection, boundaries, consent, your yes and no. All touch is non-sexual, optional and consented. Further information here