Touch: embodied connection and consent

Touch: embodied connection & consent

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This is a slow, mindful and nurturing introduction to touch and consent. Embodiment will be explained and practiced. There are some theoretical parts that will introduce you to affective touch, attunement, body zones, and how we can build safety to receive the healing benefits of touch. We will take time to explore, reflect and share together.

Things we practice:

  • sensing into our bodily responses
  • honouring ourselves and others
  • using our voices in clear communication
  • suggestions of how we can resource ourselves
  • giving and receiving a no
  • giving and receiving a yes
  • how we can respond if we feel a maybe
  • changing our minds
  • making choices
  • having fun and being silly (consent isn’t all serious!)

Experiential exercises will be by yourself or in paired practice, with options to do them with or without touch. Some examples of connection invitations are hugs, back scratches, eye gazing, companioning. All touch is consensual and never a requirement to participate. Pairing in exercises is to engage in learning experiences. Please note that learning about touch can be therapeutic, however this is not a group therapy event. You need to be able to engage in your own self-care and boundaries. All exercises are highly facilitated and have containment.

The Touch event is not dissimilar to the first section of a cuddle event, which is often described as a mini consent workshop. You may choose to attend to learn about touch and connection, or as a first step introduction to cuddle events. Touch is not a cuddle event, and is a small group event.

All Life Spiral events welcome all genders and orientations – individuals, groups and couples – are all welcome.

Touch runs 1-2 times a year.

Testimonials from a participants:

Very safe and trustable. Enough time and discussion to ease in.”

“This was an excellent event. So much substance. Tash is a wonderful host. Her passion for this was so clear.”