Touch Drawing

Touch Drawing® is an art process developed by Deborah Kaff-Chapin. It is the process and the inner awareness that arrives with the image making that is emphasised, not the end product.  In the workshop you will: watch a video of Deborah explaining the process, view images made in the touch drawing process by looking at the Soul Cards decks, engage in a short meditation, and make a series of your own touch drawings.  Prior art experience not required, and all materials included. Image on right is “Breathe” by Deborah Kaff-Chapin. Follow this video link for a touch drawing demonstration

Date: 2013 TBA  Cost: $60

Location: Mandala Magic Studio, 114 Morris Street, Upwey, 3158

Bookings: 0421 418 327



… allowed a very personal internal journey that was progressive and very helpful towards self-understanding.” Robyn Pollock, art therapist

Loved it- a very profound process and being able to express myself in this way- the artist in me was able to escape!!” Lynden Boehm

Wonderful form of expression with artistic satisfaction included.
Laura Tomei, artist