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Body Outline for colouring and body focus exercise

Calico Doll Pattern (photocopy to your desired size)

Calico dolls are often used in hospitals for children to draw on using textas. They give children a cuddly friend, and a non-verbal means of expression. At times they are used by staff  to demonstrate any procedures that may be required. A great blank canvas they can be used for a craft activity as they can be painted,  have clothes sewn for them, hair attached, button eyes… anything the imagination can think up! They’ve been made into teddies, people, super heroes, sporting heroes, faeries… Make one at home.


Easter Bilby Colouring In 

Play Dough Recipes to try

Homemade play dough is soft and malleable. Have a ‘only on the kitchen table’ rule so you don’t worry about it getting on the carpet! Play dough is a wonderful tactile play option for children (and adults). It can be used with a rolling pin and cookie cutters, a garlic press, pots and muffin trays, moulded into sculptures, squished through fingers, dinosaurs love to walk across it and leave their footprints, it’s great for making volcanoes… It also engages both hands.

Traditional Children’s Songs relating to bodies


IV Pole beautifully handcrafted by Ces from Creative Artistic Steel.
The play sized IV pole is made of stainless steel, strong and  adjustable.

Sandplay Box handcrafted with care by Peter from Two Fish Furniture.

Made with hardwood with a gentle undulating edge. He also makes shelves, trikes, stoves and more. Contact Peter on 0428 975 671.



Ambulance Victoria
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