Nature Connection

Fundraiser Event for our flying foxes and bats on 11 February at 11am, 2024.

*This is a fundraiser for the bats, we will not have any contact with bats, or be in their vicinity. Only trained and vaccinated people should care for bats.*

This is a nature connection event in the beautiful bush setting of Warrandyte. We will be outdoors under the trees and soaking up the healing properties of the bush. There is the option to bring your own lunch and hang around for a relaxed picnic afterwards.

In Connect in Nature you will be guided through some experiential exercises to help deepen your felt sense of being part of nature, and connection to yourself and others.

Some things you may experience:

  • a slowing down
  • heightened awareness with your senses
  • a sense of belonging
  • feeling grounded and present
  • deep relaxation
  • feeling recharged
  • a sense of magic and wonder with nature

There will be time for self-reflection and sharing, and you are welcome to bring your own journal.

In summary, being in nature makes us feel good, and for a lot of people it benefits mental health by improving mood, reducing stress, reducing loneliness and increased self-esteem. And hanging out in a group of awesome people can make it more fun!