Holistic Life Skills

The word holistic gets used a lot  but what does it mean and how can it be implemented in our everyday life?  This  program uses holistic self-care skills that help to enhance physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Presented by a professional counsellor / play specialist the program is designed to have times of movement and fun, and times of quiet and stillness. Learn how to integrate these skills with children of all ages in your life, whether as a professional or personal.

The program comprises of:

  • group activity to create a centrepiece
  • using movement, music and drawing to explore how emotions are experienced in the body
  • relaxation exercise and visualisation
  • experience of calm and focused breathing
  • group co-operative game
  • traditional storytelling


  • focused attention
  • increase in body awareness
  • increase in emotional awareness and control (emotional literacy)
  • bringing in of connections between the mind, body sensations and emotions
  • increase in ability to relax
  • co-operation
  • stress reduction
  • engagement with good listening skills

Date:  2013 TBA
Time: 1- 4pm
Cost: $60.00
Venue: Melbourne Therapy Centre 221 Wonga Rd Warranwood  3134

For Bookings Ph 9876 3011


“Very enjoyable… my staff not only learnt what to do with the children, they were very relaxed also.” 
Sahel Kaur, Kids Own ELC.

“Really enjoyed the ideas and materials presented. I have more confidence and more resources that I can implement with the children.” Vanessa Pettinella.

“It was very helpful, useful, and mindful for working with my age group (kinde).” Anjana Pandy.

“It was great to spend an afternoon with like-minded professionals to discuss a variety of ideas, strategies and tools to develop our practise in the very important aspect of mindfulness with children of all ages.” Louise Capicchiano.

“… good variety of activities that can be used at secondary school.” Intha Chetty.