Held – A Cuddle Cooperative

Held is an offering of Centre of You co-facilitated by Grace Elizabeth and Natasha Hund.

The event received wonderful feedback and will be on offer again this year, with expressions of interest being registered. Once a date has been set (estimated for March or April) you will be notified. The event is run at Centre of You in Prahran.

‘Loved everything, let myself be HELD!’

Please register you expression of interest.

First up, for clarity’s sake… This is an intimate yet entirely platonic experience of emotional and physical intimacy.

Intimacy… physical and/or emotional closeness with a trusted other, is a core connective human need, a primal desire. Being held in the embrace of a nurturing, safe, regulated other is a wholesome experience of connectivity yet, for many of us, our nurturing touch needs remain unmet.

About the experience:

  • We normalise intimacy outside of romantic relationships
  • We hug, hold hands, feel hearts and listen deeply
  • We make room for vulnerability, for connection, for self-understanding and compassion
  • We respect and honour the self-sovereignty and bodily autonomy of ourselves and of others by adhering to the group guidelines and boundaries.
  • We curiously and compassionately explore our inner-terrain, inclusive of our felt-perception and mind narrative in community over isolation.

What to expect:

While cuddles/hugs may sound like a sweet time for some, for some, it can bring up unsettling feelings of resistance such as pressure, obligation, expectation and/or mistrust/skepticism of the other’s intent. In this experience with clearly delineated group boundaries, we seek to settle our nervous system enough to surrender into experiencing nurturing holds and caring touch via a range of individual, partnered and small group playful and meaningful activities, sharing and debriefing.

Who will I be partnered with?

You may choose to join Held with a friend or partner and do all the paired activities with that person only. You may be open to pairing with others in the group. You may wish to explore activities on your own or with a life-size teddy.

It is encouraged to remain connected to yourself and make decisions on your availability to participate in activities based upon your state of regulation and resourcing. Touch is always optional. Changing your mind many times over is always an option.

What HELD is and is not:

Held is not a cuddle party, it is a highly facilitated, specifically paced, trauma-informed experience guided by trained cuddle practitioners.

We are building a cuddle community with more opportunities to cuddle imminently dropping onto the Centre of You schedule of offerings with a more spontaneous, less-facilitated vibe. This event however is centred around moving towards a felt sense of safety and surrender within the body when being held and will require patience and understanding for the process of exploration from all who choose to participate.

About your facilitators:

Grace Elizabeth is the Founder, Director and Visionary of Centre of You, a multi-modal centre for inner-exploration. Her prompting to create Held was instilled by virtue of what she noticed of her own inner-landscape in the realm of cuddles. Grace’s desire to break-through places of mistrust, skepticism and hypervigilance and move towards landing in a felt-sense of safety within her own body is what led her down the path of leaning into and softening her edges of avoidance. Self-compassion, patience, an evolving relationship with her inner-child and learning (still learning!) how to effectively communicate needs, boundaries and preferences as a fully-grown adult are some of the multi-layered realms of continued attention that have aided Grace. Held has been created with empathy and understanding for the cohort of the population who like Grace, are navigating similar terrain OR would like to support a heart-connection of theirs who is.

Natasha Hund is a cuddle professional, play specialist and holistic counsellor. Knowing the importance of touch in child development, Tash extended her knowledge of the importance of touch for adults, and explored ways to bring more platonic touch into her life and the lives of others via cuddle therapy. Tash creates a safe and nurturing atmosphere in workshops where touch needs and preferences are able to be communicated.

For more information on Tash’s professional offerings visit www.lifespirals.com.au