Cuddle Gatherings & Snuggle Party

Life Spirals hosts regular Cuddle Gatherings and Snuggle Parties across Melbourne in Fitzroy and Hawthorn.

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Cuddle events are guided social experiences that includes a welcome circle, easy relaxation activities, communication exercises and a description of cuddle etiquette. The event culminates in a cuddle space which is time to explore how you would like to connect. You can use this time in a caring thoughtful way. You can practice saying your no and yes, ask for what you desire, give offers for connection and respond to the invitations of others.

At the cuddle events you may experience an increased sense of well-being and belonging, a boost in compassion and playfulness, a decrease in blood pressure and a better night’s sleep.

Cuddle events provide opportunities to meet new friends, connect with partners and pals in a soulful new way and be part of a warm, safe and huggable tribe. Please note that this is not a dating or singles event.

Touch is non-sexual, always consensual and never a requirement to participate.

If you are wanting to learn about consent without the cuddling then Touch: embodied connection and consent is an option for you.


Cuddle events in 2024 are running in Fitzroy and Hawthorn (and occasional other locations). I have titled the events in Fitzroy as Cuddle Gathering and in Hawthorn as Snuggle Party to make it a bit more distinctive in locations, however event formats are the same. The venue in Fitzroy is an accessible venue.


Guidelines & Boundaries for Cuddle Events

  • Agree to confidentiality. You will not discuss or share anyone else’s experience with others. You may share your own experience.
  • This is a drug and alcohol free gathering. You need to arrive sober and maintain sobriety during the event. You may find yourself getting a natural high on oxytocin – often called the “hug hormone.”
  • There’s no touch required, and you can change your mind at any time.
  • Respect the boundaries of others (ideally with enthusiasm).
  • This is a non-sexual event so all behaviours and speech need to keep in alignment with that.
  • Ask and Wait – if you want to touch someone, ask. Then wait for the answer.
  • An understanding that if guidelines are not adhered to you may be asked to leave.

Participants need to be 18+yrs to attend.

Natasha hugs a friend

About your facilitator:

Natasha Hund (she/her) is compassionate and empathetic. As a certified cuddle professional, holistic counsellor and play specialist she has experience in touch to nurture, to help with co-regulation and to give comfort. She values the importance of touch and enjoys creating relaxed and nurturing spaces. Natasha enjoys giving and receiving hugs!

Tash is a Certified Cuddle Event Leader with Cuddle Sanctuary.

She has also completed accredited trainings with Cuddle Therapy Australia, Cuddle Professionals International and Like A Pro: the Wheel of Consent for Professionals.

“Felt so connected and relaxed.”