About the Cuddle Profession

A place to give and receive platonic touch in a safe holding space. Explore touch, intimacy, affection, boundaries, consent, your yes and no. All touch is non-sexual, optional and consented. Life Spirals runs group cuddle events and does not offer individual sessions.

Cuddle therapy uses affective touch; that is touch that is usually slow, light and gentle. However, if your preference is for firmer touch/holds then this is what you will receive. This settles the nervous system and you may experience co-regulation with the cuddle professional.

People come to cuddle therapy for many different reasons. Some reasons are:

Natasha hugs a friend

  • to have their touch needs met
  • to experience deep safety and relaxation
  • to experience feeling held physically and emotionally
  • to alleviate feelings of isolation and loneliness
  • to receive experiences that can help to build secure attachment
  • to experience intimacy outside of romantic relationships
  • to identify their touch preferences and become touch literate
  • to experience safe connection

What happens during a cuddle event or workshop?

The cuddle professional will go through the guidelines and consent practices. Touch is always optional, and you can change your mind at any time. You will learn skills to listen to and honor your body’s signals and felt sense to guide you in whether or not you would like to touch, hold or you can be gently guided with suggestions. The cuddle professional also maintains listening to their own body so that any touch that takes place is mutually agreed upon and consented.

Guidelines & Boundaries

  • Agree to confidentiality. You will not discuss or share anyone else’s experience with others. You may share your own experience.
  • There’s no touch required (and you can change your mind at any time).
  • Arrive and remain sober throughout the event.
  • Respect the boundaries of others.
  • This is a non-sexual event, so all behaviours and speech need to remain in alignment with that.
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing, no shorts please. No strong fragrances (perfume, aftershave, deodorants). Maintain good personal hygiene.
  • Ask and Wait – if you want to touch someone, ask. Then wait for the answer.
  • Emotions are welcome: tears and laughter are common.

Participants need to be 18+yrs to attend.

About the Facilitator

Natasha Hund (she/her) is compassionate and empathetic. As a certified cuddle professional, holistic counsellor and play specialist she has experience in touch to nurture, to help with co-regulation and to give comfort. She values the importance of touch and enjoys creating relaxed and nurturing spaces. Tash enjoys giving and receiving hugs.



Tash is a Certified Cuddle Event Leader training with Cuddle Sanctuary.

She has also completed accredited trainings with Cuddle Therapy AustraliaCuddle Professionals International , and Like A Pro with the School of Consent. Although Cuddle Therapy is not a mental health therapy session, Tash is also a professional counsellor and brings experienced space holding skills.