Backyard Visitors

Backyard Visitors

I wanted to share my excitement of some new creatures I found in the backyard. All that hard work of hours on end of getting rid of weeds like ivy, blackberries and many weeds I don’t know the names of, and all the planting back of natives is paying off. I was playing in the most back part of the yard with my nephew and he asked to go on the swing; the rope hanging off a branch with a stick tied to the bottom variety. When standing under the tree from the corner of my eye I noticed a darker branch which was this!


and when I looked around I also saw this!


A beautiful pair of tawny frog mouths.

And then a few hours later I was again excited to see a beautiful brown and yellow striped small eel like creature swimming gracefully in the creek. It was at least 10cm long, and I gently scooped it up with a stick to have a closer look and shared my find with my daughter to get the slightly disgusted response of “it’s a tiger leech.” Well, even leeches are beautiful!

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