Aboriginal Chalk Art

For NAIDOC week I am sharing another aboriginal activity- this time chalk art.
I make simple templates and let the children draw with chalk. Black paper works really well to show off the chalk colours, and the chalk looks more vibrant if you dip the end in water before you draw.

Here’s an example for a fish.

I draw an outline and then trace this onto the black paper and cut the fish out. It is possible to hold the paper and cut out 4 fish at a time.

fosh outline0001
With the black fish put some earthy coloured chalks in a bowl (orange, red, yellow, white…) and a shallow cup of water. I also put from pictures of some aboriginal art showing animals with hatching, dots and skeletons to inspire. Here’s an example of a finished fish…
and a boomerang…
It’s really enjoyable to see what happens as the chalk dries after drawing, and to see what watery or powdery marks you can make.
What you need:
Coloured paper (black, and coloured)
Coloured chalk
Look here for another activity and check out my pinterest boards-
for more inspiration!

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