Newspaper Dress Game

I have another game to share- from the book “The Great Big Glorious Book for Girls” by Rosemary Davidson and Sarah Vine.

glorious book girls
This games involves newspaper, masking tape, girls (or boys) and lots of fun. We had 2 teams at our house, with each team of about five people. One person in each team is the model, that is they are the ones dressed up in newspaper. The teams have 5 minutes to make a cat walk creation, but due to the amount of passion and creativity that was happening (and all the protesting aawwws when I said ‘time’) I extended it, and they had almost 15 minutes. I let them go until they both were finished… It was worth it and I was impressed with the accessories too. There were newspaper shoes, hairbands and necklaces. And of course no newspaper dress is complete without a matching masking tape bracelet. There was soooo much laughing during all the creating and presentation of outfits afterwards, a really fun game to play.
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Enjoy the outfits, aren’t they great!


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