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As I was having my website updated I thought I would share some of the original drawings that went into it’s design. I wanted my website to feel personal to me and to feel as if I had creative input into it. So I drew some logos and designs which where turned into digital media. Of course I need to thank Kleinermann for integrating it all!

The logo design I use for the hospital incursion I run in Melbourne was a pen drawing in the style of children. I wanted to make sure the figures looked like they were a mixture of boys and girls at different ages, sequencing it from left to right, youngest to oldest. The simple red cross on the last figure’s body added a simple touch of colour and red crosses are instantly associated with health and hospital…
This was the first drawing of a spiral for the logo, sorting out ideas and colours…
This is the final drawing of the spiral logo which was used…
I wanted the site to have a lovely child like feel so added gorgeous drawings from a 8 year old. She was simply asked to draw some things in nature which had spirals and this is what I received. They are on the outer borders of the webpages…
web4 web7 web6 web5
And then there’s email, snail mail, and inspired by Hogwart’s of course Owl mail as a way to message me on my contact page…

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  • by Lesley Posted May 30, 2013 12:19 pm

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  • by Tash Posted June 27, 2013 4:09 am

    Thanks Lesley for your continual support,you make me feel like I have a cheer squad :))

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