Colour Reading Game (Stroop Effect) – The Laminated Series

This colouring reading game is one of those fun childhood schoolground games. You have to read a list of colours saying the colour the word is written in, not the word itself. The catch is that the name of the colour is written in a different colour.

This is an example: GREEN (read as ‘red’)

I have made a printable sheet for the colour reading game on my website on the resources page so you can have a copy to laminate and keep in your distraction box.

When you have a whole list to read it gets very tricky indeed! If you want to find out more about it, it is also known as the Stroop effect, which is used a a psychological and neurologiccal test. Follow the link here
You can do a demostration run to see how long it takes to read a list here

This is a great distraction game you can use in the treatment / procedure room at the doctors or hospital. Due to it’s trickiness it keeps the mind well occupied! I found that once I had read it through saying the names the words were written in, it was just as trickly going back and simply reading the word… Have fun with it!

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