Australian Easter Bilby

I was searching for images of Easter Bilbys and was finding it difficult as most were made of chocolate! So I decided the only thing to do was to draw my own. I’ve put it here for everyone to use and share.

One of my most looked at posts is Drawing Together, so I could continue and call this post “Colouring In Together.”



I looked up some of the history of why the bilby was introduced as an easter animal in Australia. It’s appearance has some similarities to a rabbit of being about the same size, also nocturnal and the most obvious is the same big ears! It is an endangered species like some other some australian animals who have lost their habitat from settlement, and are prey for introduced animals like foxes and cats. Darrel Lea started making easter chocolate bilbys to help fundraise money to help projects to save them. There’s a link here to find out more about bilby’s and the projects.
Picture books have also been written with the bilby. Here’s a few:
Easter Bilby Storybook
” Easter Bilby” by Ali Garnett & Kaye Kessing.
“The Smallest Bilby and the Easter Tale” by Nette Hilton & Bruce Whatley.
“Macrotis the Easter Bilby” by Pauline Reilly & Kayelene Traynor.
“Miss Bilby” by Colin Thiele & Mavis Stucci.
“Bilby Secrets” by Edel Wignell & Mark Jackson.
“A Home for Bilby” by Joanne Crawford & Grace Fielding.
“Bilby and the Bushfire” by Joanne Crawford & Grace Fielding.
“Hunwick’s Egg” by Mem Fox and Pamela Lofts.
You may feel inspired to have a”bilbys not bunnies” Easter, and help save the bilby.

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