Hospital Incursion (Melbourne):

For the Hospital Familiarisation Program:

“We liked the hands on experience, and the presenter had a good rapport with the children.”    
Kathy Isido & Samantha Siddle, Good Start Early Learning Centre, Pound Road North.

…the interactive program the children were able to participate in. It was very informative and had great play equipment.” Anna Moutjouris, Bridge Road ELC.

It was really great insight for the children with the hands on opportunity. It was fantastic and the children really enjoyed it.” Natalie Prinzi, Greythorn ECC.

“I loved your very calm and quiet voice. Your props and resources were great.”
Nadia Brewer, Doncaster East Preschool.

“I liked the concept of the program and how it was delivered in a ‘not too’ overwhelming way.”
Author wishes to remain anonymous.

“Good mix of showing and discussing equipment, allowing the children to play and explore, and finishing up with stories.” Sarah Rakich, Malvern Early Learning and Childcare Centre.

A thank you picture from one of the children, Natasha is on the left.

“Very beneficial, easy to follow, both age groups enjoyed the discussion and loved the playing.”
Author wishes to remain anonymous.

“It was hands on, not hurried and the children really listened and were curious, with plenty of props and opportunities (for the children) to have a go. It will definitely assist the children when going to hospital” 
Irene Heidenreich, Camberwell Little Learners.

“Very well thought out, and nice to see hands on interaction and playing.”
Author wishes to remain anonymous.

“Thankyou for a wonderful incursion. We feel that the children greatly benefited from this experience and they loved the opportunity to play, role play and explore. Very age appropiate and relevant.”
Georgie Westney, Snuggles ELC and Kindergarten (Camberwell).

“Hospital incursion is very educational… and prepares children for future visits if necessary.”
Author wishes to remain anonymous.


Holistic Life Skills Program:

“Very enjoyable… my staff not only learnt what to do with the children, they were very relaxed also.”
Sahel Kaur, Kids Own ELC.

“Really enjoyed the ideas and materials presented. I have more confidence and more resources that I can implement with the children.” Vanessa Pettinella.

“It was very helpful, useful, and mindful for working with my age group (kinde).” Anjana Pandy.

“It was great to spend an afternoon with like-minded professionals to discuss a variety of ideas, strategies and tools to develop our practise in the very important aspect of mindfulness with children of all ages.” Louise Capicchiano.

“… good variety of activities that can be used at secondary school.” Intha Chetty.

Introduction to Sandplay 

“It was wonderful to witness and experience the profound healing quality of sand tray. As a facilitator I understood a new way to be with the client and their process. Thank you.”  
Tanya Virgonia, art therapist.

“Thank you for an engaging workshop. The opportunity to experience sandplay firsthand and reflect on the process was invaluable. Sandplay gets to the heart of representing psychic contents and embodied energies. Such a powerful process for touching emotion and engendering healing.” 
Monique Fabris, art therapist.

Storytelling Workshop:

“Listening to everyone tell their stories and watching different ways to tell stories was wonderful.”
Author wishes to remain anonymous.

“It was great. I felt very safe and comfortable in the environment and enjoyed the stories. The resource list was very helpful.” Bernadine Murney.

“Everything was enjoyable…perhaps further classes?” Jo-Anne Lamb.

“Loved it!” Lynne Kingston.

“I feel inspired to learn and tell more stories.” Johanna Schjottelvig.

Touch Drawing:

… allowed a very personal internal journey that was progressive and very helpful towards self-understanding.” Robyn Pollock, art therapist

Loved it- a very profound process and being able to express myself in this way- the artist in me was able to escape!!” Lynden Boehm

Wonderful form of expression with artistic satisfaction included.
Laura Tomei, artist

Toy Making Workshop:

“Thankyou for your patience and clear instruction- great to see what to do, rather than simply being told.”
Author wishes to remain anonymous.