Hospital Incursion

Hospital Incursion

This play based health and wellbeing hospital incursion program,  is designed for the early childhood settings of kindergarten, childcare centres, and junior primary school for children 4-8 years old. Presented by a professional hospital play specialist / child life therapist and counsellor. Life Spirals has been successfully running the hospital incursion  program in Melbourne & surrounding suburbs, and Geelong since 2010.

  • Maximum of 30 children per group
  • Running time: 1 hour
  • Cost: $300
  • (Additional sessions on the same day and site cost $100 each,
  • therefore 2 sessions costs $400, 3 sessions costs $500.)

This unique, informative, and fun hospital incursion program will enhance your children’s learning outcomes.

Young children are the most vulnerable in the hospital setting as they are still forming attachment relationships, and have not fully developed skills in helping them cope in the unfamiliar environment. They are exposed to a lot of different professionals, sights, smells, equipment, disrupted routines, and medical procedures (sometimes painful). This can all feel overwhelming, and at times frightening.

This hands-on and well resourced hospital incursion program is designed to empower children and care for their emotional wellbeing in medical settings by introducing them to equipment, and allowing them to be in control of their experience.

This will be implemented by:

  • taking them through an admission process to hospital, role played with a doll
  • introducing medical equipment that they would commonly find in hospital / doctor’s office
  • discussing different ways that medication can be taken
  • allowing opportunity to play with medical play kits (with real medical equipment) with dolls
  • introducing coping strategies
  • play act with medical dress ups
  • be read a hospital themed storybook for preschoolers, or watch an educational DVD for school aged children
  • crutches are only age appropiate for school aged children and are brought in for this age group


  • familiarity and comfort with medical equipment
  • respect for the body and personal space, of themselves and others
  • caring for self and others
  • increased confidence in medical settings
  • increased comfort with medical professionals
  • co-operation, and sharing of equipment
  • creation of a link to the health community

Each child is given a “…doctor for a day” certificate.
The hospital incursion program acknowledges diversity, and uses recycled and natural materials where possible.

Maximum of 30 children per group

Running time: 1 hour

Cost: $300

(Additional sessions on the same day and site cost $100 each,

therefore 2 sessions costs $400, 3 sessions costs $500.)

Call Natasha on 0421 418 327 for bookings, or email


“We liked the hands on experience, and the presenter had a good rapport with the children.”    
Kathy Isido & Samantha Siddle, Good Start Early Learning Centre, Pound Road North.

…the interactive program the children were able to participate in. It was very informative and had great play equipment.” Anna Moutjouris, Bridge Road ELC.

It was really great insight for the children with the hands on opportunity. It was fantastic and the children really enjoyed it.” Natalie Prinzi, Greythorn ECC.

“I loved your very calm and quiet voice. Your props and resources were great.” 
Nadia Brewer, Doncaster East Preschool.

“I liked the concept of the program and how it was delivered in a ‘not too’ overwhelming way.”
Author wishes to remain anonymous.

“Good mix of showing and discussing equipment, allowing the children to play and explore, and finishing up with stories.” Sarah Rakich, Malvern Early Learning and Childcare Centre.

A thank you picture of Natasha (left).

“It was hands on, not hurried and the children really listened and were curious, with plenty of props and opportunities (for the children) to have a go. It will definitely assist the children when going to hospital” 
Irene Heidenreich, Camberwell Little Learners.

“Very well thought out, and nice to see hands on interaction and playing.”
Author wishes to remain anonymous.

“Thankyou for a wonderful incursion. We feel that the children greatly benefited from this experience and they loved the opportunity to play, role play and explore. Very age appropiate and relevant.” 
Georgie Westney, Snuggles ELC and Kindergarten (Camberwell).

“Hospital incursion is very educational… and prepares children for future visits if necessary.” 
Author wishes to remain anonymous.